Fresh Tea

Large Boba Tea (24 0z) $5 || Small Boba Tea (16 0z) $4 || Boba Tea Dine-in (18 0z) $5

Mt. Rainier - Fruit-based tea with rich, floral undertones

Sasquatch - Black Tea with a fruity essence

Pike Place Bouquet - Mild floral tea with flavors reminiscent of a fresh cut bouquet

Cougar Mt. Green Tea - An organic blend of green and floral tea

Thai Iced Tea - A classic tea sweetened with cane sugar and your choice of milk

Seattle Sunrise - Sweet and thick mango lassi – a yogurt based drink… It tastes like a mango!

Mt. Baker - Refreshing drink with a coconut milk base

Queen Anne Rose - A mild milk tea with a distinguished rose essence



Mix and match with over 10 different rotating toppings for your tea or kombucha! Add one or add all – it’s all the same price.

Classic Boba - Soft tapioca pearls with a chewy center and sweetened with organic cane sugar

Crystal Boba - A fun topping with a pop, flavors include lychee and mango with more on rotation!

Lychee Jelly - Sweet, chewy lychee bits

Black Grass Jelly - Grass jelly made in house and sweetened with honey from Linda’s own beehives

Green Leaf Jelly - Sweet jelly that goes well with our floral teas

Chia Seeds - A healthy option for wellness enthusiasts, sweetened with honey or fruit juice

Rotating Toppings - Taro Dessert Topping, Almond Jelly, Handcrafted Champagne Jelly, Handcrafted Fruit Jellies



Vegan Cheesecakes $8

Pastries $5

Desserts $5

Raw unfiltered Redmond Honey $12 - Honey harvested from one of Linda’s five beehives